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About Us

Voted BEST TREE SERVICE in the Flathead Valley several times for a reason!
When it comes to professionalism, safety, and skill:

Independent Tree Service delivers the complete package every time.
Specializing in EMERGENCY TREE SERVICE which requires SPECIALIZED CLIMBING, TECHNICAL RIGGING, ZIP LINES, CRANES and BUCKET TRUCKS. We are one of the only private companies in the Flathead and Lake Counties with the CORRECT INSURANCE, THREE Forestry Bucket Trucks, and capable of removing any hazardous trees or limbs from almost any height, at any time of day regardless of conditions.

We proudly offer: hedge trimming, landscaping, and ornamental tree pruning, planting,

And many other tree & landscape services. 
Our nominal estimate fee is waived upon signing.

Please read our detailed Terms Of Service below.

Who We Are

A lifetime in the Landscape industry and 20+ years within the TREE CARE & REMOVAL industry. We are a locally owned and operated business, celebrating our 10th year in business! Our roots are set in the Flathead Valley and we love our community. We have always been dedicated to providing our customers with prompt, professional and honest service around the clock, season to season and year after year.

From fine pruning and maintaining the health and beauty of your property, to the most perilous removal of threatening trees, land clearing, thinning & excavation; we strive to set the standard and raise the bar for quality work, safe operations and ethical business practices within the Flathead Valley.

You can find us at:
2817 HWY 2 West
Kalispell MT 59901

We typically staff our yard for material sales Tuesday thru Saturday, 8am-6pm, (April thru November )but its always best to call ahead as we may be on a larger project that requires all of our manpower.
We welcome and encourage appointments. Please feel free to text us 24/7 with your contact information and how we can assist you:

Though we are always ready to serve your emergency tree service needs 24/7, we are "closed" for regular service Sunday and Monday to give our team an opportunity to rest and spend time with their families.
Please don't let this discourage you from calling us though, as we are always ready to serve you in any way that we can and especially put your emergency project at the top of our priority list!

We are a seasonal business that operates around the weather, ground conditions and available daylight hours. We are typically closed for routine operations November 1st thru April 1st at our discretion but try to always be available for Emergency Service as needed. 

Call Today 406-212-1963

Independent Tree Service 59901 About Us
Insured Tree Service 59901

What We Do

Providing a multitude of Specialized High Quality services to the Flathead Valley.

With potential for fire damage, make sure your home & land are protected for the upcoming wing and fire seasons by removing hazardous trees from around your home and creating a manageable forest and firebreak.

Call us for a consultation & let us help you develop a plan of action to reduce your risk for loss.

Independent Tree Service has over 15 years experience specifically within the Tree Care & Hazardous Removal fields and over 21 years in Landscaping.

We are a CORRECTLY INSURED, Professional & Safely Operating local business within the Flathead Valley, offering urgent care for your trees and property in the wake of severe storms that damage trees and threaten your assets. 

Armed with the knowledge and very specialized equipment needed to tackle some of the largest jobs imaginable, we are sure you will be impressed by our step by step process & clean final product.

Give us a call today to experience what sets us apart from the competition!

Terms Of Service

Thank you for requesting the services of Independent Tree Service, LLC. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service. Because clear and timely communication is important for serving our clients well, we want to begin by stating certain mutual understandings about our services, what is needed from you, and our charges.


Estimates: Independent Tree Service conducts work only with a written estimate in place. We do not give verbal estimates nor do we work on a “fixed bid” basis. Our typical estimate requires nearly 4 hrs. minimum from start to finish and almost always requires a site visit & follow up to obtain accurate details about your project and how to best serve you. This estimate will take all of the relevant facts about your project into consideration to ensure the utmost satisfaction no matter how large or small the tasks at hand. Because our time and the successful planning & execution of your project are of extremely high importance and value to us, we have implemented a nominal $25./hr (minimum) estimate fee which includes travel, meeting and office time. The estimate fee is due within 15 business days of the first site inspection and will be deducted as a courtesy from the total estimate figures upon signing of contract. Emergency service site inspections/assessments are billed hourly, non refundable and are in addition to any work performed. Our estimates are valid for 10 business days unless otherwise specifically noted.


Insurance: Being at the forefront of our industry here in the Flathead Valley, we recognize not only the significance of doing a job well, but also all of the variables that are inclusive in a Full Package company such as ours. This is the very reason why we have spared no expense and have not cut ANY corners in the insurance and safety departments. Independent Tree Service is equipped with INDUSTRY SPECIFIC INSURANCE and workman’s compensation coverage on our employees which covers the precise risks associated with AMERICAS MOST HAZARDOUS INDUSTRY. Proper and Complete Insurance: A necessary component that the majority of smaller and thus cheaper competitors are simply lacking. “We have insurance” does not guarantee the existence of, or especially, the specific type of insurance required. Always request a certificate AND verify its specific coverage by calling the agent when requesting comparison quotes from other companies.


Fees: Tree removal fees (especially in commercial, residential or populated settings) are itemized using our tree removal formula & are not typically billed hourly unless otherwise specifically noted. We do not have a set “blanket” or “umbrella” hourly rate, nor do we ever operate on a “fixed bid” system. Our fees vary, are subject to change, and depend mainly on the equipment, labor type, crew size, tasks at hand, materials, subcontractor fees, travel/hauling fees, hours worked on & off site to complete your project, etc.. Additional work requested or performed to complete your project which is not noted on the original estimate will be billed at our regular full hourly & service rates. Estimate discounts do not carry over to additional work requested. Please request prices and discuss budget requirements prior to work if needed. If you have a strict expense cap please allow us to design an estimate around your wants, needs and financial limitations. By allowing Independent Tree Service to perform work of any nature on your property, including any work requests made without a signed estimate, you understand that all work agreements are subject to these Terms of Service without compromise. Independent Tree Service will not perform additional work beyond the original estimate description unless directly requested to do so by property representative or owner.


Retainer & Billing: We ask that you remit a retainer in the amount of 50% of the total estimate to secure scheduling of your project. A fee equal to 50% of the estimate total will be assessed for any cancellations made by the party requesting service and is due immediately. The balance of the charges, plus any additional fees incurred from additional work required or requested is due immediately upon completion. If payment is not made within 2 business days (unless other arrangements are documented in writing), interest will accrue on your outstanding balance at a rate of 12% compounded annually and accruing daily. We do not regularly accept Credit/Debit cards or checks that draw from credit card accounts. A 5% processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions run thru Pay Pal. Payment is due immediately upon completion of work unless other arrangements are made in writing. Payments must be received by due dates specified or will be referred immediately to collections without compromise. If any collection efforts are made to collect our fees and other charges, these fees will be added to the collections amount and if further legal action is required the court shall award: attorney and professional fees, costs for collecting your outstanding balance, interest, any and all damages that result due to non-payment or late payment including fees and costs incurred for mediation and for any appeals.


Acknowledgment & Waiver: You acknowledge the use of and assume the risk posed by heavy trucks and equipment throughout your property on and off of usual driving surfaces to complete certain tasks, the damages resulting therefrom, including any and all dents or marks in and on turf, asphalt, concrete etc; marks, holes, breakage of any kind to include plumbing, drainage, irrigation, concrete, asphalt, ruts and various other types of damage inherent to the nature of work, and waive the right to any damages resulting therefrom. All portions of trees listed for complete removal become the property of Independent Tree Service upon signing. Changes made mid project shall be documented and billed accordingly. Stump Grinding or Stump Excavation is not included in any tree removal operation unless specifically described and estimated. “To Ground Level” shall be interpreted as: cut horizontally flush as close to the ground as possible; where rocks, man-made materials, foreign objects etc. do not interfere. Estimates are minimum anticipated charges & may increase due to unforeseen variables such as inclement weather, ground conditions, undisclosed information, rot, damage, insect infestation etc. You further authorize Independent Tree Service to implement the use of subcontractors where they deem necessary. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to hire professionals to remove & reinstall utility wires as deemed necessary by Independent Tree Service. You understand and acknowledge that photos and videos taken of your project may be used for advertising or other such purposes such as but not limited to employee training and quality control. Any and all communications to include email, text, voicemails; video and audio recordings may also be made and used for quality assurance and accuracy. You accept and acknowledge that these recordings may be made at any time and without further notification beginning at the time of first correspondence. If your projects scheduling date is missed for any reason, it will be placed in the next available opening. Although we aim to be as flexible as possible, our most common days & times for site work are Thursday-Saturday, 7am-7pm. We are typically "Closed" Sunday & Monday to allow our crews time to rest.


Emergency Services: A minimum base rate of $495./hr. per service vehicle, which does not include subcontractor fees, will be applied from the time we leave our yard in route to your job, and billed until the time we return to our yard. You authorize Independent Tree Service to implement the use of subcontractors where they deem necessary without further notice. Independent Tree Service bills in full hourly increments for this service and additional services which relate to the completion of your project both on and off site. Hauling, disposal, material, equipment & labor fees etc. (see “Fees”) also apply for all emergency service calls. Please request an estimate prior to signing if you have any questions regarding our rates, fees or billing policies in general. In the event of large scale and damaging weather events, your project may be handled in stages and scheduled in order of priority at our discretion. We do not regularly work directly with insurance companies on behalf of our customers, nor do we attempt to interpret policies or assume limitations & coverages. It is the customers sole responsibility to pay our invoices directly and immediately, then work with their homeowners insurance companies to be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses. Site inspections/assessments under emergency conditions carry a $25./hr. fee.


Hold Harmless and Indemnification: You shall make Independent Tree Service, LLC aware by marking & presenting maps, surveys or other documentation for any underground hazards such as but not limited to: sprinkler systems, newly excavated areas, sink holes, gas lines, water lines, septic tanks & drainage fields. By requesting work be done in any area within 200’ of a septic field, irrigation system or any other underground hazard, you agree to hold Independent Tree Service LLC & its subcontractors harmless in the event of any breakage & agree to pay for any damages sustained to these and other related items to include damage to company equipment & personnel. It is the customer’s responsibility to mark the trees intended for removal with orange surveyors tape or an “X” painted in white on the trunk. If the trees to be pruned or removed are located close to the property boundary, it is the customer’s responsibility to assure that the trees are in fact theirs & further agree to hold Independent Tree Service, LLC harmless & indemnify it for all damages. Property Owner/Representative agree uphold these terms of service and to defend Independent Tree Service in the event of & including all damage, claims, attorney & mediation fees incurred resulting from customer’s failure to properly identify, inform, misinform, omit; for inaccurate information or failure to uphold their responsibilities under these Terms of Service. Customers agree to provide unobstructed access to work site, including the removal of any vehicles, and completely vacate an area no less than 200’ in radius from the work site to help ensure their safety. The work site is any area to include vehicles or buildings within 200’ from any company vehicle, piece of equipment or employees. Anyone who breeches this safe zone waives the right to any damage to property or person to include the loss of life, medical bills, disability & damages. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their family, guests, livestock, pets and vehicles out of the designated 200’ work site safe zone. In the event of any action, claim, arbitration, or proceeding in connection with the performance, breach or interpretation of this Agreement, Independent Tree Service shall be entitled to recover all costs & expenses, including all attorney’s & professional fees incurred in connection with any such action to include the costs incurred for mediation, appeals, any & all damages sustained. Homeowner/representative is further responsible for checking, following & enforcing local ordinances, covenants, permitting etc. and must provide Independent Tree Service with the related documentation if any regulations must be followed. If you have any questions about our services, procedures, fees or billing arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your signature on the estimate or acceptance of any work by Independent Tree Service indicates you are an authorized representative for the indicated property & have read, understood and accept the above terms and estimate. Independent Tree Service reserves the right to alter, modify or amend any and all portions of these Terms of Service at any time.

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